how do i get lotus to send email automatically??



I have scheduler task to open access program (works ok!), then access does a
check to find overdue items then create a report to email (works ok!!), when
access opens lotus notes it attaches the report (works ok!!) BUT then sits
there waiting for the user to click on send email?? I want the email to send
with out the user clicking on send button, does en of you guys no how to do
this?? some coding mayb for access???


Hi Rob thanks for yr reply this is my coding for Access to check for Overdue
items and if yes send the report. I have Outlook on my laptop and apart form
the dialog telling me that an email is being sent (which is a pain!!) the
email then gets sent off. But at my works its Lotus Notes and the coding
stops for the user to click send??,
Option Compare Database

' checker_Query_overdue
Function checker_Query_overdue()
On Error GoTo checker_Query_overdue_Err

If (DCount("*", "OnOpenOverdue") > 0) Then
DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "OnOpenOverdue", "SnapshotFormat(*.snp)",
"(e-mail address removed)", "", "", "Gauge Control", "Gauges Overdue",
False, ""
End If
If (DCount("*", "OnOpenOverdue") = 0) Then
MsgBox "No Gauges found overdue today..", vbOKOnly, "No Gauges
End If

Exit Function

MsgBox Error$
Resume checker_Query_overdue_Exit

End Function

P.S I have an AutoExec to start this coding which is a macro, I have just
copied the coding for you. Hope you can help Jo

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