How do I force a series in a Bar-Line Chart to be a Bar?



I have 4 series in a Bar+Line chart that has multiple Y-Axis and I want 3 of
the series to reference the Primary Y-Axis using a Bar format and 1 of the
series referencing the Secondary Y-Axis using a Line format. Excel seems to
be forcing me to reference 2 series to one Y-Axis and the other 2 to the
other Y-Axis. How can I force it to do what I want... I have been trying
many settings and have not found the magical combination as of yet.



Jon Peltier

Select the series.
Select Chart Type from Chart menu.
Select the type of series you want.

In the future, you may find it easier to use a common chart type, like a Line chart,
and change the series you specifically want to change. Using the built-in custom
types means you are allowing Excel to assume how to format each series.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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