How do I find a file/spreadsheet that Excel says is Already open but I can't find it?



I was working on a spreadsheet that I use almost daily -- "Account IB".
I inadvertently left clicked my mouse -- was unaware where the cursor
was at the time. But the result was that the spreadsheet disappeared
off my screen. I tried to re-open it, thinking I had inadvertently
closed it, but got the message that it was already open. Yet the only
window visible was the "Book 1" spreadsheet that appears on Excel
startup. I looked in the "Window" drop-down menu at the top of the page
which lists all open files, but only "Book 1" was listed -- there was
no "Account IB".

I turned off my computer, restarted it, and restarted Excel. "Book 1"
opened up as always, but when I tried to open "Account IB" nothing
appeared on the screen -- "Book 1" was still there. Also I again
checked the "Window" drop-down menu and the only file listed there was
"Book 1."

So I went to the "My Documents" folder that has all my Excel files in
it. "Account IB" is there. I double clicked on it's icon and got the
message that:"A document with the name Account IB is already open. You
cannot open two documents with the same name, even if the documents are
in different folders. To open the second document, either close the
document that is already open, or rename one of the documents."

I then shut down Excel, which usually shuts down all active Excel
files, and without starting Excel again double clicked on the "Account
IB" icon in the "My documents" folder. Again, I got the same message as
above, that the file was already open, even though Excel was never

I shut my computer down again and restarted it. This time I went
directly to "MY Documents" folder without starting Excel and
double-clicked the "Account IB" icon. And got the same message as above
-- the file was already open.

As a check, to see if "Account IB" had been duplicated or moved to a
second folder, I did a search for "Account IB." The only result showed
it in the "My Documents" folder.

I have Excel 97 and Windows XP Home version. Anyone have an idea what
has happened? TIA



Norman Jones

Hi nwtrader8,

You may inadvertently have hidden the workbook.


Window | Unhide


Try copying the file to another directory, and then changing the name of the
new file......then open

If it still don't work, you're welcome to send a copy to my home addy and
I'll give it a try......

Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3


That's exactly what happened. I went back and opened it again -- o
course it didn't show. Then I went to Windows/unhide, and there it was
Thanks. Saved me a lotr of work


of help. Norman identified the problem, and the easy solution. But
think your suggestion would have worked too. Thanks




I experienced a similar problem, not being able to access a workbook i have
been using for some years, but could not fix it by unhiding. In the end, I
went to Window>Arrange Windows and found that "windows of active workbook"
was, for some reason, unchecked. Checking the box revealed my Excel file (to
my great relief!!)


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