How do I filter contacts in Business Contact Manager?



We have nearly 6500 contacts in BCM. This can make searching very tedious.
For example, yesterday I did a search for my contact at ING Direct Bank. Of
course, instead of searching for "ING Direct Bank," I searched for "ING."
This kicked back hundreds of contacts. So, instead of doing a quick search, I
searched for "ING" in the company name, hoping this would narrow the results.
Again, this kicked back hundreds of contacts. It keeps coming back with so
many results because it searches for any company name that has "ing,"
including "-ing" results.

I searched for a filter that may fix this problem, but was unsuccessful. Is
there a way that I could narrow down results? I thought a filter might fix
this. Also, I know that categories could help substantially, but with 6500
contacts, categorizing would be quite tedious.

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