How do I export a access report without it inserting extra lines?



I am using a Microsoft Access 2000 report to format a data collection and
then export it to a text file. When I export it to a text file it inserts a
blank line between each 3 lines of data. I need a way or some automated idea
to prevent or remove this lines.

When I export the report to an RTF format I get what I am looking for except
I need the data in a TXT file. I have even exported the RTF file to a TXT
file and the lines appear again.

What do I need to change to pervent or get rid of the blank lines? I have
tried a few macros and VB codes to extract the lines but that turned out to
be a mess.

Any help would be appreciated.

John Nurick

Hi Will,

The first thing to do is to ensure that all vertical dimensions in the
report (distances, heights of text boxes etc.) are *exact* multiples
of 0.125 inch.

If that doesn't fix it, install the Windows Generic/Text Only printer
driver and reformat the report to use that printer.

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