How do I do different error bars within a series?



I have two sets of data, and have used the mean to make a column chart. I now
need to add standard deviation error bars, which will be different for each
mean. The only way I have seen to do this so far is by switching the data
over the axis (ie, clicking "Switch row/column") but this clumps my bars
together and gets rid of the axis labels for the two columns.

Is there a way to get different error bars without doing this?



Shane Devenshire


You did not say what version of Excel you are using -

Select the series and choose Format, Selected Data Series, Y - Error Bars,
choose the Standard Deviation option. Repeat for the other series.


Thanks, but I'm using 2007. Sorry I forgot to say that! If I'm right, the
explanation given works on earlier versions but not 2007. Wish I'd bought an
older version now!


Jon Peltier

Yeah, 2007 makes it harder. Select the series, go to the middle of the three
chart contextual tabs, find the error bars button, drop it down, choose the
little item at the very bottom (not one of the four lame options which are
visible). In the dialog, select the custom radio button, then click on the
button that becomes enabled, and select your range(s).

Did I say ranges? The best thing to do is calculate your error bar values in
the worksheet, and use these as the source data for the custom error bars.

I'm working on an article actually on Excel 2007 error bars, which should be
posted to my blog tomorrow. Assuming it is finished on time, it will be
posted at:

It will include a small free utility that makes error bars just a little bit
easier in Excel 2003 and a whole lot easier in 2007.

- Jon


Sep 13, 2015
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1. Right click on the chart area
2. select "select data"
3. Switch row/column
4. now you can select any special bar, then select one of them
5. On the top, click layout
6. select error bars and more error bars options
7. in costume section, insert desired number (which could be standard deviation)
8. do it for other bars

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