How do I display multiple charts on one page?



Is there a way to display multiple charts from different worksheets on one
page for print out in Excel? Or, is there a way to somehow merge the chart
information of two or more charts into one single graph without altering the
unique characteristics of each one? I have 4 charts of the stacked column
type with related information that I need to display on the same sheet.



Andy Pope


Yes you can use the charts Location option to place a chartobject on a
chart sheet instead of a worksheet.
To create a blank chart sheet press F11 making sure the active cell is
empty and not adjacent to any populated cells.
select the chart to be move and right click, from the context menu chose
Location. From the As Object In dropdown chose the blank chart sheet.
Repeat for other charts and then finally adjust layout of chartobjects
within chartsheet.


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