how do I disable "chords"?



I assigned CTRL-W to close the current file/window but VS ignores it because
it says it's waiting for the second key in a 'chord'. I don't ever want to
use chords and I don't care what action it maps to that starts with CTRL-W.
But I have no way of either discovering what commands use "chords" that start
with CTRL-W, or disabling chords completely. So I want to use CTRL-W but
Visual Studio is pretty much making that impossible.

"Chords" aren't even *mentioned* in Help. Actually, I can't find ANY
documentation specifically about Visual Studio itself. Does it even EXIST?


Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

I don't know how to disable "chords", but I can state that you are better to
map to key strokes that do not correspond to the first part of a "chord".
You can remap everything that goes to Control +W and that might work:

I would personally use a combination not taken up yet, especially one not
taken up as the first step in a multi-keystroke command (or "chord").

Gregory A. Beamer


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