How do I delete rss feeds folder



I really dislike the fact that Microsoft makes the assumption that I want to
view my RSS Feeds in Ie 7 or Outlook 2007.

I found Google Reader and I think it is the most efficient type of way to
review RSS feeds. Especially, when you check RSS feeds from multiple

Is there any way to delete/hide the "RSS Feeds" folder from Outlook 2007?



You can't, to my knowledge. But, as an interesting side note, people have
been complaining for years and years in these newsgroups that they *couldn't*
get news feeds in Outlook and were forced to use a separate program to do so.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

*** Messages sent to my e-mail address will NOT be answered -- please reply
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Kevin Dente

Although I haven't found a way to delete the Feeds folder, you can stop it
from being automatically populated from the Microsoft common feed list.

Go to Tools/Options/Other, Advanced Options button, uncheck "Sync RSS Feeds
to the Common Feed list".

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