How do I customise commands on the right-click of the mouse?



I want to add paste special to the list of commands that appear when a right
click my mouse in microsoft word 2003 file.



Peter Jamieson

There are lots of different right-click menus in Word 2003, e.g. one for
working with fields, one for working with the main text and so on. But for
example to add Paste Special to the right-click menu for working with text,
a. Tools|Customize|Toolbars
b. Check Shortcut Menus. A small toolbar with Text, Table and Draw
dropdowns appears
c. select the Text dropdown and locate and click the Text shortcut menu..
The entries for the menu should appear.
d. In the Customize dialog box, select the Commands tab, select category
Edit, then locate the Paste Special... command in the right hand column.
Select it, and drag it to the shortcut menu you opened in (c)
e. Close the Customize dialog box

Test it!

You may find that some menu items do not appear in some Shortcut menus even
when you have added them this way (e.g. try adding the Paste Special command
to the Comment shortcut menu).

Peter Jamieson

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