How do I change the links in Excel at one batch?



Hi all, Good day!

Please help me with the following issue:

How do I do the following in Excel?

Suppose in an Excel sheet there are lots of links, linking the cell to
other sheets,

There are millions of such links,

how do I change the links to another sheet name at one batch?

I hope there is a "Find/Replace" for these links?

Thanks a lot!

Dave Peterson

Saved from a previous post:

If you used Insert|Hyperlink, then you've noticed that edit|replace won't touch
those hyperlink addresses.

If you used Insert|hyperlink (xl2003 menus), you'll have more work to do. But
the good news is David McRitchie has done most of it for you:
look for:
Fix Hyperlinks (#FixHyperlinks)

If you're new to macros:

Debra Dalgleish has some notes how to implement macros here:

David McRitchie has an intro to macros:

Ron de Bruin's intro to macros:

(General, Regular and Standard modules all describe the same thing.)

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