how do I change the icon size in Word 2007 toolbars


Howard Walker 635

As a slightly disabled user, I have always been ble to change the size of the
icons on what I call toolbars in earlier versions of word.
I cannot find how to do it in word 2007, and any search for a toolbar comes
up with zero results. The standard screen is unusable without the aid of a
magnifying glass, making the system impossible to use.
I cannot imagine that Microsoft will have omitted such an important item for
those with poor sight.
Do I have to change to Open Office?

Stefan Blom

To get bigger icons in Word 2007, you will have to change the screen

Greg Maxey


With the exception of a single customizable Quick Access Toolbar (QAT),
Word2007 doesn't use menu and toolbars like previous Word versions. It uses
a Ribbon, Tab, Groups, and Controls. To make matters worse the QAT only
displays "normal" sized controls and the out of the box selecton of icon
choices is very limited.

You can customize the Ribbon and add your own tab with "large" controls.

Graham Mayor

Windows accessibility options accessories come with a magnifier that follows
the cursor and enables magnification of icons in all applications, and is
intended for those with a visual impairment. You'll find it in the
accessories group of the start menu programs listings.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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