How do I change the color appearance of a check box?



I received an evaluation form where the check boxes appear in red when
checked - how do I turn this off, or make them black when checked/unchecked?

Graham Mayor

If these are form field check boxes, then remove the macro (or part of the
macro) that runs on exit from the form field to apply the colour.

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Greg Maxey

Considering a dearth of really helpful information in your question, I can
only assume that you are referring to some sort of protected (on-ling) Word
form. I would guess that there is a macro that fires when the users exits
the checkbox something like this:

Sub CBOnExit()
With ActiveDocument
If .ProtectionType <> wdNoProtection Then
If .FormFields("Check1").CheckBox.Value = True Then
.FormFields("Check1").Range.Font.Color = wdColorRed
.FormFields("Check1").Range.Font.Color = wdColorAutomatic
End If
.Protect wdAllowOnlyFormFields, True
End If
End With
End Sub

If this is the case then you need to unprotect the form, double click the
checkbox and set Run Macro on Exit to "None."

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