How do I change font size of the formula bar itself?



(I'm setting up a new computer and in Excel the formula bar font is too
small. How do I increase the font size of the formula bar display itself (not
the cell it is showing)?

Gord Dibben

You could try Tools>Options>General and change the default font and size at
"Standard Font"

Notes: you will have to close and re-start Excel

More notes: existing workbooks when opened will have the new font in the
formula bar but not in the worksheet.

New workbooks will have that font in formula bar and worksheets and in the row
and column headers..

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Evidently this doesn't apply to Excel 2007 as I find no
"Tools>Options>General" in Excel 2007. Any ideas for Excel 2007?

Thanks for ANY ideas.

Gord Dibben

Button>Excel Options

You will find what you are looking for under "When creating new workbooks."

BTW...............have you not yet explored through Excel Options?

There are quite a few standard options that can be set here, like under
"Advanced" and "Formulas"

Might be a good idea to have a look through these before you go any farther.



I created a video about changing the font size of the formula bar and still having normal size row and column headings and normal cell font size.

I might improve the technique with the hint of both a book template and a sheet template.

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