How do I calculate a person's age from date of birth and a date


Chez 27

Hello. I want to insert a formula into an Excel cell the will calculate a
person's age in years only from the person's date of birth at any given date.
For example, one cell will have date of birth, (27/04/60) and another cell
will be a date, (07/12/08); the formula in a different cell will calculate
that the person's age is 48.


Put the date of birth in one cell e.g. A1

Put the date you want in another cell e.g.B1 (For todays date type in "
=Today() " )

In the cell you want the age in type " =(B1-A1)/365.25 "

B1-A1 will work out the age in days (This works if the date in B1 is after
the date of birth) . Since there is 365.25 days in a year, divide the number
of days by this.

You can format the cell to have 0 decimal places afterwards.

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