how do I associate an inserted picture with its row?



Hi! I'm using Excel for an inventory of images; I have each image inserted
into its own cell, and the count and sales in adjacent columns. When I sort
by the sales column, the images aren't moved with the rest of their row; it's
as if the image isn't really the contents of the cell - is that in fact the
case, and if so is there a way to associate an image w/ its cell so that
they'll move with the rest of their row under a sort operation? Thanks!

BSc Chem Eng Rick

You need to make sure that the row is "high" enough (row height) and the cell
is wide enough so that the image is contained completely in that cell. Then
put a "dummy" value in the cell like "0" and set the text color to white so
that you don't see the zero. Now when you sort your picture will move with
the row (if not, right click the image --> "Size and Properties" and on the
properties tab make sure one of the "Move with cells" options is selected).

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