How do I add vertical lines to make customiz'd columns in a box?



I have suceeded in making a box on a service contract. The headings are 1)
2)Services 3)Description and 4) Price. The lower portion of the Services
heading has
AutoText inserted as follows; Topping, Trimming, Cleaning, Stump Removal and
Debris Hauled. These items are lined as are about 6 more blank lines within
the box.
I don't know how to add the vertical lines to complete the contract.
Quantity should be approx. 10-12 spaces, Services should be about 16-18
spaces, Description should be the largest no. of spaces and the Price heading
should be about 15 spaces.
The Description heading would be the difference in spaces left over. I need
help completeing this contract and I don't know how to add the vertical
lines. Everything I've done to night (all night) that turned out right
would mess something else up that I had corrected and I am exhausted.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

If you created this as a table, add borders as needed. If you didn't create
it as a table, you should have.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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