How do I add spouse birthday along with childrens names and b-day.



I am using an ipaq 5455. I pastor a church and am looking for a way to enter
spouses birthday, along with childrens names, and their birthdays. That way
they will appear on my calendar to remind of the upcoming birthday's.
Thanks for your help,



Peter in New Zealand

Hi. I am in exactly the same position as you are, using Outlook 2003 to
manage my congregation's contact data. I found the way that works best for
me is simply to have individual contact entries for each member of a family,
and to either enter their birthdays on the "Details" tab of each contact
entry (where there is a field provided for it), or to enter birthdays as
completely seperate items from the contacts in the calendar. I prefer the
second method, but that's just what suits me. ymmv. I make each birthday
entry as the person's first name followed by the letters "bd", and use the
autoformatting to pick up on the "bd" to colour it as a warning.

I tried using one contact record for a whole family, but it just didn't work
for me when I needed individual notes added. The seperate recored for a
family can be tied together using the "Contacts" field at the bottom left of
each contact entry. Guess this is a bit of work to set up, but it works OK
for me - admittedly I have two fairly small rural congregations, so a bigger
church might be a bit of a project.

Hope this helps - kind regards, Peter.

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