How do I add a photo album to my existing FP website?


Walter R.

I have a website,, which I built with Frontpage 2003?.
It is hosted by hostforweb and is working well. I have lots of space on my
webhost (500 MB).

How can I use my existing website to insert photos of my travels, for
friends and family. Do I just create a new page in Frontpage, without making
it part of my existing site? I don't want visitors to my existing website to
stumble over my photoalbum. If I use a free album creator, like JAlbum, how
can I upload it to my website without causing havoc with the existing pages?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas A. Rowe

Create a subweb/subsite for your photo gallery, as long as your site has the FP extensions and your
web host allows you to create subwebs/subsites.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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