How can I switch back to IE 6 from IE7



The hook said that if I didn't like IE7 that I could reverse it and go back
to my original Internet Explorer 6. Well, I don't like IE7 it's slower, has
no "history" icon so I can look back to other sites I went to and I don't
like the layout. I see no easy way of un-installing the program as it is not
listed in my add/remove programs folder. Please, can someone tell me how to
get rid of it?

PA Bear

Add/Remove Programs > Windows Internet Explorer 7 > Uninstall > ...

PS: Click the yellow/gold star at the far left > Click History > ...


The 'Add or Remove' program has a little box in the top margin that that
must be checked to display the installed updates. With this box checked
you should see IE7 when you scroll down.



Catt, I feel just like you do. I think I can see how to uninstall EX7, but
then how do I get IE6 back? Have you done this yet?

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