how can I specify text criteria when querying a memo field



When I use text in query criteria against a Memo field it is ignored. The
same criteria used against a Text field works fine. Is there a way to make
the query work for the Memo field. If not, how can I convert the Memo
field(s) using a Macro or when I import the field from Microsoft Project?


Hi Art,

if you want to look for a word or phrase in the memo field, put this in
the criteria on the QBE (Query-By-Example) grid under the memo fieldname:

Like "*word or phrase*"


as for converting the memo field to text -- that would be done in the
TABLE DESIGN for the field -- but text fields are limited to 255
characters, so you would need to make sure that the data you need is not
longer than that

Warm Regards,

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:) have an awesome day :)

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