How can i set preliminary format for comment box?



When i add new comment in cell,it's automatically show format Text in comment
box. i wouldn't be happy to use that format. How can i sets new format for
comment box as i would like to to uses it ? Could you please help me to solve
this problem?





Gord Dibben

To change the default formatting for Comments requires some changes in your
Windows Display settings.

From a post by Sheelo.............

1. Go to your Windows Desktop (Windows key + M).
2. Right click on the desktop and choose Properties from the popup menu.
3. Click the Appearance tab.
4. From the Item dropdown list, select ToolTip.
5. You can now choose a new background color, font color, font
size, bold, or italics.
6. Click OK to accept the changes.

Note that these changes will apply to across all Windows' ToolTips as well
as Excel's comments.

The font type cannot be changed from Tahoma.

To make changes just in Excel would require a macro to be run for each
Comment and would not be the default.

End Sheelo post......................

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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