How can I restore an Outlook folder that was deleted in error?



I deleted one folder in error. The folder did not appear ijn the deleted
files folder.

Can I restore this folder from a back-up .pst file (I use HandyBackup)?




Thank you for your kind reply. I did not find anything in my deleted items
folder which was quite a surprise. In fact, I believed I was deleting one
subfolder of a fairly large directory yet the entire directory was deleted.
It was freaky. I'd really like to get the folder back. I've tried your
suggestion of downloading ultra edit, but the edit instructions were too
vague for me to complete the edit as they were laid out.

Could I not simply do an Import from my backup file and specify "do not
include duplicates"? It is important that I don't end up with scads out
duplicated data.
I am running a business with Outlook 2003 and must be very careful not to
screw this up. Your input would be greatly appreciated.



K. Orland

Individual emails will go into your Deleted Items folder when you delete
them. An entire folder will not. It becomes a subfolder to Deleted Items. Did
you empty your Deleted Items folder? You can tell when a folder has been
deleted because your Deleted Items folder in the tree view has a + sign
beside it. Click on the + sign to see the folder there. If it's there, drag
it back or right-click and Move it to where you want it.

If you're going to recover from a backup, don't import. Use File > Open.


HI Kathleen,

As noted, the deleted folder did not appear in the deleted items folder. I
suspect this deletion may have been a bug caused by one of many add-on
products I have running under Outlook 2003.

With File Open option, I have two choices, neither of which appear of use;
- the "Selected item" only opens the currently highlighted email
_ the "outlook data file" allows me to open the backup pst file, however,
when I do so, I get an error message saying "IE Script error" Line :296
Caharcter: 1 Access denied URL: outlook://Personal%20Folders/
I said I "don't want to continue running scripts on this page" but the
folders that I see are from my current PST file.

Any suggestions?

Can you explain why the "Import" feature is not the way to go?

Again, thanks for your help!


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