How can I make automatic numbering us decimal tabs?



When I type a list using Word's automatic numbering, the left side of the
numbers line up instead of making the period (decimal) after the numbers line
I want the numbers to align on the right side, so the text that follows will
line up, but Word doesn't do that.
I tried setting a decimal tab and turning off automatic numbering, but when
I have a long line that wraps to the next line, it pushes that "bullet"
number to the left and destroys my nice column of decimal tabs.
What is the correct way to do this?



Stefan Blom

Set the numbers to align to the right. If you are referring to
single-level numbering, change the Number position to "Right" in the
Customize Numbered List dialog box. If you are talking about
outline/heading numbering, you can do the same for each numbering level
in the Customize Outline Numbered List dialog box. For general
information about outline/heading numbering, see

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