How can I link tables with a form? (2007)

Aug 4, 2012
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I feel like the answer must be kind of simple, but it just isn't coming to me...

I use Access to organize my recipes (I have something like 200 of them, and more every month), and I used to use the database just to look for recipes based on what the ingredients are and how expensive they were, and so on. Recently I got the idea to use the database to compile a shopping list for myself as well, which would be a report converted from a table (the table containing the recipes and their ingredients, etc). I can then print the report and bring it with me when I hit the grocery store.

What I am having trouble doing is creating a form that will allow me to take information from one table (the table with all of my recipes) to the table that my report, or shopping list, is based on. I feel like this shouldn't be too difficult, but I can't seem to run a query or write a macro to do that for me. Any ideas, community?

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