How can I insert a permanent line above a typed character in Word



I need to place a line (or bar) over a character in Word, and have that line
automatically maintain it's position with respect to the character over which
it is placed.


Hi John,

Are you talking about inserting a "long mark" over a letter, such as 'Ä€'?

If so, what you are doing is inserting a different character. You can do
this by going to Insert | Symbol and selecting the symbol. If you are using a
symbol often, you can assign a hot-key to that symbol (though I would advise
against overwriting a "standard" hot-key; for example, do not assign anything
to CTRL-S as that is the standard hot-key for 'save').

Another shortcut is to know the Unicode "UTF-16" decimal value of the
symbol. If you know this, you can insert the character in Word by holding the
right-ALT button, then typing '0' then the three digit code on the numeric
keypad (that is, the numbers on the right of your keyboard, not the top). For
example, the code for 'Ä€' is 256, so to get this character in Word, hold
right-ALT and press '0256.' Incidentally, you can also get the character in
HTML buy entering Ā but changing '256' for the code for the symbol. You can
look up all the Unicode symbols at


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