How can I insert a note to an unread email



I monitor my boss' email and would like to be able to insert comments on the
actions I have taken with a particular email. I know I am able to insert
comments into the emails from my desktop but when you view that same email
from his desktop, the comments are not visible. I would give anything to be
able to do this. I also tried to use the Notes but that doesn't work at all.
The comments command is awesome if he were able to see those comments that I
have inserted. He is out of town A LOT and being able to communicate without
sending even more emails would be so efficient.



Judy Gleeson, MVP Outlook

2 ways many Exec Assistants I train use:

Write in the subject ie edit what it says.

Use the flag status field and write in it. You'll need to show the field in
the Inbox - use the Field Chooser.

Judy Gleeson, MVP Outlook
Acorn Training and Consulting

Everyone - turn on your Advanced Toolbars and learn how to use the Field
Chooser and Group by Box!!

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