how can I get Outlook (not Outlook Express) to be used to send files from my computer



How can I get Outlook (not Outlook Express) to be used to send files from my
computer? I've just started using my new Compaq Presario 3000 laptop
running XP Home. Each time that try to send a file by right clicking on it
and selecting Mail Reciepient the mail is sent via Outlook Express and not
Outlook. THis is a problem for me as I do niot use Outlook Express for
anything but Newsgroup reading. The other problem is that I want a record
of having sent the file in my Outlook Sent Mail folder. On my old computer
the files went through Outlook and not Outlook Express I've checked the
Internet Options settings and Outlook is selected as the E-Mail program.
How can I switch this computer so that it sends files via Outlook?
Thank you,



Cris Spencer

In the control panel, open the Internet options, programs tab, and change
the email to Outlook, also change the address book to Outlook.



Peter Foldes

BTW John.

Not a very good idea to crosspost like you did. People tend not to answer when crossposted like this.

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