How can I get Outlook 2003 (IMAP) to automatically move Junk-email to the junk folder ?



I am using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP SP2. My email account is IMAP
to UNIX. I get hundreds of SPAM message per day. The Junk E-mail
filter built into Outlook works reasonably well, but it doesn't seem
to run automatically.

If I manually click on the message header in my Inbox, then Outlook
moves a copy to the Junk e-mail folder and strikes a line through the
message in my inbox, so that purge will remove it. This happens
because I have selected "High" under Tools->Options->Junk E-mail-

That's all well and good, but I can't click on hundreds of email per

How can I get Outlook 2003 to AUTOMATICALLY examine each incoming
email and send it to the Junk E-mail folder???
From what I have read, there WAS a rule option in Outlook 2002 called
"suspected to be Junk e-mail" to move junk email to a folder, but that
rule choice seems to be gone now in Outlook 2003.

I hope someone has an idea as I've been scanning the internet for
hours to no avail.





Let me add one more interesting thing. If I turn off all my rule,
then Junk e-mail DOES automatically go into the Junk e-mail folder.
However, I have only one rule. That rule says that on all incoming
email through the IMAP account, move it to folder inbox_imap. The
inbox_imap folder is in my UNIX home directory, and of course the
Inbox folder is mounted from the server and is under /var/mail/
mylogin. So the rule has the effect of moving all incoming email from
thr server to my local machine under my home directory.

I thought Outlook 2003 handled all Junk e-mail processing before any
rules. Therefore, I don't know why if I turn on the rule, then all
email, including JUNK, ends up in inbox_imap. If I turn off the rule,
junk e-mail processing does run and in the Inbox spam is striked out.

How can I have the junk e-mail get thrown into the junk e-mail folder
and still have my new valid messages get moved into inbox_imap

I'm afraid I may be forced to leave my rule off all the time, and run
it manually many times a day.

I hope someone has an answer...


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