How can I get accent marks to work in Brazilian keyboard.



On either International or Brazilian keyboard I can''t get the accent marks.
I need them badly. In fact you notice here the word ""Can''t"" the
punctuation marks are all acting up. I have Windows XP Professional.
Thanks, Polcat


One method is to use <Alt> and the ASCII code of the key (I think you have to
type the number on the side keypad.

eg for é hold the alt key down and type 130

For a list of ASCII code go to

Hope that helps


Thanks loads for the help. At least yours was the best answer since I have
been doing research online. I still would prefer it like the Brazilian
keyboard that used to do it on my machine just fine, but somewhere along the
line it corrupted and I can only get a few accent marks -but not all of them



Glad to help. I think you can set up your Keyboard language as well. this
will allow you to get the accents you want at the press of a key. I have a
feeling this is set up in Regional settings in your Control Panel. I'm on a
locked down computer so I can't confirm

All the best



Thanks for the added word. I have tried to get the portuguese keyboard and
have it in the system but it still does not porduce the tilde or circumflex.
A yr. ago it did but now stopped. It''s crazy, I don''t know what happened.
And as I suggested look at the word ""its"" above and note the double quote
marks. Something is out of wack.

thanks, polcat
Dec 11, 2021
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Best, and easiest way to get the question mark on a Portuguese Keyboard is to hold Ctrl + Alt and then W = ?

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