How can I export Word 2007 autocorrect list to another computer?



I have a long list of autocorrect entries that I want to transfer from my old
computer to my new one - both run Word 2007. Is there an option to export
the list and import it to my new computer?




Herb Tyson [MVP]

Office 2007 AutoCorrect entries are stored in an .acl (AutoCorrect list)
file. There's a separate
list for each language you use with Office. You want to find this file on
one computer, then copy it to the correct location on the other computer.

Your .acl files are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application
Data\Microsoft\Office (in Windows XP; in Vista, look in
c:\Users\[user]\Application Data\Microsoft\Office).

For English (U.S.), look for MSO1033.acl. For other languages, replace the
number with
the appropriate Windows locale code

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