How can I convert an AppleWorks .cwk file to an MS Word .doc file.




Daiya Mitchell

How can I convert an AppleWorks .cwk file to an MS Word .doc file? I am using

You can't, really. File | Open with Recover Text from Any File set in the
dialog should get you the text (but remember to unset Recover Text
afterwards, as it is a sticky setting), and then you can Save As a Word

There are 3rd party solutions--DataViz would cost money, not sure whether
any of the free OpenOffice solutions will open an AppleWorks file.

The best solution is really to ask the person who sent it to Save As RTF
(Rich Text Format) in AppleWorks, and re-send you the RTF version.



Word Heretic

G'day Padragine <[email protected]>,

save as RTF and load that into word

Steve Hudson - Word Heretic

steve from (Email replies require payment)
Without prejudice

Padragine reckoned:

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