How can I change the default fill color in Excel?



How can I change the default fill color in Excel?
It always has default of yellow. I prefer pink. It will save me time if I
can change the default color. Please advise.

Dave Peterson

Saved from a previous post (and using xl2003 menus):

Notice that the color for the font and fill when you open excel. For me,
it's bright yellow fill and bright red font.

Tools|Options|Color Tab
(do this twice)

Find the color that is currently used (yellow or red) and select it. Then click
modify. Change that color to the color of your choice.

Do this for the other (fill or font), too.

These color changes live in the workbook--they're not an application setting.
So this will change the default color for the current workbook.

If you want to make the changes "permanent" for all new workbooks, then you'll
have to make these changes to your Book.xlt workbook template file in XLStart.

Excel will use that template workbook when you create a new workbook by clicking


I can't locate the Book.xlt workbook template file in XLStart.
I've searched my computer and that file doesn't exist. Please advise.

Dave Peterson

Either you missed it or it doesn't exist.

I'd check again.

Start excel
Hit alt-f11 to get to the VBE (where macros live)
hit ctrl-g to see the immediate window
type this and hit enter:

For me (xl2003 and winXP Home), it's:
C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART
(Make a note of the location)

Then hit flying window key - r (the key between the control and alt on my

This should show the run dialog.

Type this and hit enter:

And start drilling down that location.

If the file isn't there, then you don't have one and you'll want to create a
workbook template and save it to that location (with that name!).
Oct 21, 2013
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I tried this by creating new file saving it as a "Book.xlxt" and applied my deisred settings like formats. header and footer that I have to change or implement on each sheet. It is good and works.

thank you for this good tip:cheers:

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