How call Volume Control properties



Is there a single command I can assign to a shortcut to launch the
Volume Control display?

I think this "Volume Control display" is sometimes called the "mixer".
Whatever it is called, I mean the one you get to like this:

(1) Control Panel > Sounds > Audio Devices > Volume > Advanced button
(2) double click speaker icon in system tray (if it is there).

Addtionally, is it possible to launch this display with:

(a) playback already selected
(b) recording already selected.


The easiest thing that you can do is place a shortcut of "Sounds and Audio
Devices" on your Desktop by going into Control Panel - right-click on Sound
and Audio Devices choose Create Shortcut. The shortcut will automatically be
placed on your desktop. Now, assign a shortcut key to this Desktop shortcut
by right-clicking and choose Properties on the Shortcut tab assign a shortcut
key like ALT+F11.

This is all because you can not assign a shortcut key to the original file
which is "MMSYS.CPL" in Windows\system32.

You can also assign shortcut to "Volume Control" in your System Tray near
the Clock. Goto Start - All Programs - Accessories - Entertainment - right
click on Volume Control - choose Properties and assign a shortcut key,

One more thing - right-click on Volume icon in System Tray and choose Adjust
Volume Properties will bring you the same thing. Choice is yours.

Let us know, if this information is useful to you.

SP Goodman

Is there no command line approach one can take for this, to just make a
shortcut to the Rundll command or something that does this? Or, where one
find the documentation for such a thing? Creative Labs or another sound
module manufacturer? Thx.

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