Hotfix kb908673 (help needed with adding registry value)



I've been having a problem with a usb hard drive that I think can be fixed by
hotfix 908673 - .
In the 'prerequisites' section, it says that the hotfix was included in sp3,
but that a registry change has to be done manually, and you are asked to add
the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USB\EnSoftRetry and
configure this key to have a DWORD value of 1. I only have a limited
experience of registry editing, but since a DWORD is an object, not a key, I
assume this means create a DWORD in the above key, but it doesn't say what
name to give it (I tried EnSoftRetry, but that did more harm than good).

I was wondering if anyone out there installed this hotfix when it first
came, so that they have the necessary registry entry and can tell me what it
should be, or if someone with more knowledge than me about editing the
registry can enlighten me as to how to configure a key to have a DWORD.

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