Host SMTP could not be found. Checked entered correctly.



Tried to cut off and delete Norton to see if this would help. Error msg:
Cannot delete: APWCMDNT.DLL access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full
or write protected and that the file is not currently in use.

So I went to the next step to reinstall a WIN9X file. Said that since
windows has been updated, it would not let me install.

Tried to go directly to all WIN9x programs to install individually. Error
msg: Said that the "file or directory is corrupted or unreadable."

I have been on the phone with Bellsouth and they actually hung up on me, did
not call me back even though I gave them the number. SMILE. Have contacted
them response. The origianal problem was with trying to send
e-mail from Outlook express to bellsouth address so I would not lose family
pics. Kept saying "Host SMTP could not be found", checked with
bellsouth...and should not be a problem sending it. Sent mail from myself to
myself, no problem. Tried to download the pics to a CD and my drive D: does
not work? However when I put the Windows XP into the drive D it read it. I
recently added itunes, could this have messed everything up? My pics were
saving from the internet without a problem before this, or did a nasty little
bug creep in...that is why I am getting off of OUTLOOK...bellsouth said they
let in bugs, more often then the bellsouth mail service.

Also, now have a problem with viewing files, is that from bellsouth? Am not
able to download some of the mail attachments I receive.

As soon as I can I am going to have my hard drive looked at. But in the
meantime, don't want to lose the pics my niece sent my mom. It's pretty
important to mom to see her great-grandchildren, and I don't want to
disappoint mom and tell her I can't get her pics. Even thou she is one of
the sweetest and kindest, along with dad, woman. They help so many of the
people in our community, that some of the people won't go to anyone but them.
I've heard of the kind things they have done, that no one is suppose to know
about. And it's not like they are rich, but they are rich in love. Like
taking care of people's homes and yards for free and fixing them up at their
own expense after the person or people have gone into nursing homes. Taking
care of the elderly, that no one else will take care of...until they get so
content and happy at the facilities, that they don't need mom and dad anymore.

I really hope there is a kind soul out there who has the answers.


Leonard Grey

APWCMDNT.DLL is a component of Norton AntiVirus. Contact Symantec
technical support.

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