Hopping Around - Windows 7



I just switched to Windows 7 and one thing that is bothering me is that when
I have multiple workbooks open, there is a slight lag in switching between
them. This is a new Windows 7 thing and is not detrimental to my work, but
bothers me. Is there a way to speed up the transition time between open





Gary Keramidas

how are you switching, using the window menu item or the taskbar?

anyway in win 7, try this:
right click my computer and choose properties/advanced system settings or
control panel/system
on the advanced tab, under performance click settings

i uncheck the first 3, fade or slide menus into view, slide open combo boxes
and smooth scroll list boxes.

i do not see the behavior you're seeing and was on the win7 beta team since
day 1.

i want the os as snappy as can be, that's why i disable the fluff. who needs
that garbage?

if, via the taskbar, post back and i'll give other instructions.

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