home page rename problems


Dick Watson

FP 2003 publishing to a virtual directory on an IIS 5.0/W2K machine.

The virtual directory has index.htm as its first default document.

Local web has index.htm set as home page. FrontPage navigation links are
setup. When I publish this page, the index.htm is copied to Default.htm.
This breaks the navigation.

How do I stop this renaming when I publish?

Thomas A. Rowe

You need to check the default settings as well as the specific web setting for the default document
on the server, as there are not setting in FP to control this.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
If you feel your current issue is a results of installing
a Service Pack or security update, please contact
Microsoft Product Support Services:
If the problem can be shown to have been caused by a
security update, then there is usually no charge for the call.

Dick Watson

I discovered that having index.htm as the first default document in the
virtual directory isn't enough. It has to be the first default document for
the entire default web site.

But now my home page isn't displaying its navigation banner. Arrggh.

Dick Watson

Thanks for the quick response.

As noted in my update, I have solved this problem by defining the default
document in both the virtual directory and for the parent default web site.
(Why the setting for the virtual directory is ignored is another interesting
question. Why make it possible to set it separately?) But now I have another
problem. The page border at the top of my home page now is omitted when I
serve the page. Any thoughts?

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