Highpoint controller and KB822603

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David Shorthouse

Hey folks,

Not sure if anyone knows a fix for this one, but I imagine it is
something Highpoint and Microsoft have to sort out. I have an Abit IT7
motherboard that has an onboard Highpoint HPT374 RAID controller. I have two
disks set-up as RAID0 on this controller for personal files and (thankfully)
a disk on IDE1 for the OS. The Microsoft hotfix for USB power management
(http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=822603) messes up the Highpoint
controller's power management. Resuming from suspend to RAM (S3 sleep state)
with this hotfix installed wipes out my RAID0 disks and I am forced to
reboot. If I uninstall the hotfix, I no longer has the problems with my
HPT374 controller. I sure as hell hope this gets fixed before this hotfix
gets rolled into SP2 and there will be no way for me to remove it.



Strange, I have the same highpoint controller with a
RAID0 and the OS (XP) on IDE1 setup, except my MoBo is an
Abit kr7a-133r (slot A). I don't have any problems with
the hotfix and USB.

What Highpoint 374 driver are you using? The latest for
that board is ver 1.23

You might try posting your question in Abit's user forum.


David Shorthouse

Thanks for the suggestion. I did post it in the Abit ng as well. You do
suspend to RAM with your set-up correct? I don't have any problems with my
board or the hotfix until I attempt to resume from STR.


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