HIgh alert



I have a registry optimizer program that I have been using for a year or
more. Defender shows a high threat level: 1. Should I be concerned? If not,
should I use the address as an exception?

Bill Sanderson

Is this alert a change with a recent update to definitions?

If so, you might want to either sit tight for a bit, or go to the security
portal at www.microsoft.com/security/portal and download the latest defs
there. See if they are newer than what you have--and re-test. If this is a
false-positive, Microsoft is usually quite responsive about fixing the

You could also check the details of the finding--I.e. what precise file is
involved, and submit that file to virustotal:


and see what they say about it.

What is the name of the threat as detected by Windows Defender?

You may be able to look that up in the reference to threats available at the
security portal--and see whether the description makes any sense in relation
to the application you have.

Tom Emmelot

Op 24-3-2010 19:37, Ǝиçεl schreef:
Of course

Of course

PS: If you think your RegistÑy needs to be "cleaned" or "repaired," read
<http://aumha.net/viewtopic.php?t=28099> and draw your own conclusions.



Hi Engel,

I do a lot of testing of all kind of program's a lot of them are beta's
but also a lot off trail software. So i suffer a lot of those leftovers.
To get rid of those i use Registry First Aid, also when a installation
wont work because there is some leftover that stops the installation,i
use RFA. Since i use Ms7 64 bit i cant use it anymore, but i got a
invitation to start a Beta test for the 64 bit version.
RFA makes reg backups before scanning and has a lot ways to clean or
search the registry and point to you what is save to clean.
The versions i use before did always good work.
If you run a few program's, always the same and do always the same
things on your PC then you never need a reg-cleaner.
Thats mine opinion.
RFA is from Rose City.

Regards >*< TOM >*<

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