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Is there any way of implementing an active directory group policy based on
the registry so you can hide a portion of the "view tab" under windows
explorer / folder options.

I do not wish users to change these settings but I do want them to be able
to change the view options "like current folder and reset all folders"

I have designed a policy that changes the settings here as per the admin
wishes but the user can soon cahnge them back again.

Finally what is the significance of placing quotes around the keyname field
in a custom adm file

Many thanks,


To clarify an answer: whats the reason to limit a user
from changing an explorer view?

What limitations does that couse you?


At the end of the day I do not want the user to unhide hidden folders, which
I implement via a GPO. If they can get to folder options they can do this.

David Everett [MSFT]

Is this what you are looking for? Try deploying a registry lockdown via GPO
on HELM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden

Grant the following groups these rights:

Administrators Allow Full Control
Authenticated Users Allow Read
Domain Users Deny Full Control
System Allow Full Control
Creator Owner <not defined>
Server Operators Allow Read

This setting will prevent the "Hidden Files and Folders" part of Folder
Options from being displayed in Explorer-Tools-Folder Options. Users will
continue to have other parts of this menu available.

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