hide in task manager / task switch




i can't find a solution to hide my C# application in task manager
under application and the task switch (ALT+TAB) like Winamp and
Trillian when I tell them to appear only in the tray. The property
"ShowInTaskbar = false" doesn't help, it hides only from task bar
(Windows Vista).

I have an email notifier transparent on the desktop and a volume
control which appears only when i change volume with some keys and I
don't want to see them when I switch with ALT+TAB.

Thank you,




Morten Wennevik [C# MVP]

Hi Waldemar,

To hide an application from the Applications tab in Task Manager set theform's ShowInTaskBar property to false (this will remove it from the taskbar as well). To remove it from the task-switching dialog, set FormBorderStyle to either of the tool modes. Change these settings when you hide your application and restore it the same way using the tray icon.


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