Hide display of Private appointments in To-Do Bar



Hi there, I've got a few appointments in my OL2007 (12.0.4518.1014) Calendar
that are of a personal nature, and I would like to hide them from my To-Do
Bar. Nothing about bank robberies, jailbreaks, or evil plots to take over the
world, but I just don't necessarily want all of my co-workers passing by to
know at a glance that I'm having lunch with a girlfriend or meeting a
financial consultant or when my grandmother's birthday is, y'know.

I marked them as Private, but that appears to affect only sharing and
permissions options, not display settings. Obviously, I could obscure the
Subject and put the details in the notes section, but that seems to be a
rather kludgey solution. Is there any way to apply a sensitivity filter to
the appointments visible in the To-Do Bar? A filter by Category would be
acceptable as well, but the options I'm presented with appear to be limited
to basically either "show appointments" or... don't. Even if I create a
filter in my Calendar view to hide Private appointments, which I would rather
not have to resort to, they continue to be visible in the To-Do Bar. Sad

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

No, you can't filter the To-do bar.

(In Outlook 2010, private appointments will say 'private appt' in place of
the subject line in the to-do bar.)

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Ah, bummer. Well, thanks for letting me know. Maybe I'll just have to get a
daytimer for my personal stuff until we get 2010 in the office. Thanks again,


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