Hide data points prior to a certain date


Rachel Garrett

I have a line chart with three series over time. One series represents
actual values. For future dates, I made a formula return "#N/A" so
that they won't be plotted.

For one of the other lines, I would like to do something similar for
*past* dates up to March 2008. When I change the source data to start
at the March 2008 value, of course this skews the graph and puts the
March 2008 value where the graph starts, at November 2007. I can't do
the #N/A trick, since other data depends on these values.

I would be happy to just right-click and hide the November through
March data points manually. However, the three data series overlap at
many places, and it's impossible to just pick out the ones I want.

Any suggestions?




Andy Pope


Sounds like you need another column of data that uses the NA() approach
for past data so the line beings in March 2008 even though the axis
begins November 2007. Then the other series can use the past data.
Then change the data used for that series to the new helper column.


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