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It is right that I can only a display a hidden slide from the slide that
immediately precedes it? For example, when on slide 1, I click H (in slide
show) to show the hidden slide (which happens to be slide 5). The hidden
slide won't appear until I get to slide 4 and then click H. Is this right?



Kathy Jacobs

Nope - that's wrong. If you need to go to a hidden slide, you can either
link to it from any other slide or go to it during the show by typing in the
slide number and the enter key. (I don't believe that the H key does
anything - at least it doesn't do anything during a slide show in PPT 2003.)

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Or you can hyperlink directly to the hidden slide from any slide in the

Sonia Coleman
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Team
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If you look in Help under Keyboard Shortcuts, and select Run A Slideshow
(under Common PP Tasks), you'll see that H is listed as a quick way to
display a hidden slide. Is the help wrong, or is that a problem with the
software or the way I'm implementing it?



David M. Marcovitz

Joyce, I found what you mention in the help, and I'm experiencing the
same thing as you (H only works if you press on the slide right before
the hidden slide). My conclusion: Microsoft's help sucks! OK, I already
had that opinion, and this just reinforced it.

Others have suggested ways to get to a hidden slide (type its number and
hit Enter or hyperlink to it), but the H shortcut as described in help
makes sense. Too bad it doesn't work that way.


David M. Marcovitz
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
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Loyola College in Maryland
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