Hidden Network adapter & network connections



When I plug my USB wireless adapter into the USB port of
my Windows XP, the system correctly detects a new device,
and sets it up.
However, it always sets it up as Wireless Network
Connection 'X', where the number 'X' increases by one
number every time. Why is this? Its currently at 6.

I share the USB adapter with another PC, and so it is
regularly plugged in and out of the USB port.

How do I 'see' the other 5 Network Connections? There is
only one network connection on this PC, so I am curious as
to why it should now read 6.

Secondly, the adapter itself is listed in properties
as 'Belkin 11Mbps Wireless Network Adapter #4' Why is it
number 4? Its the only one on the PC.

How do I 'see' the other three?

Thanks in advance



Pavel A.

This can be caused by either bad driver or faulty hardware (adapter,
Supposed that driver setup failed several times but then things come
straight, then don't worry,
the "other" connections and adapters won't do any harm.

But, if you still getting new instances every time:
1. Check cables and contacts. Get good cables, not cheapest.
Attach the adapter to same usb port. Using other ports will install new
this is normal and won't do any harm, but can be annoying.

2. Contact tech. support of the adapter manufacturer

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