Hep with Conditionals actions please.



Using Conditionals

In O7
=AND(O7<>"",O7<=0) Green
=AND(O7<>"",O7>=1) Red

If I delete the date in O5 above, this conditionaL. The cell O7 remains on
it's last color, Red or green, it does not revert to white.

It will with $, but then I can't copy 800 rows.

Is there a an answer?

I would like O7 to revert to white if O5 has it's date removed. And have the
same type conditionals.

Thank you.

(Of course or figure how to copy $ down 800 lines and have the cell #'s
change accordingly)




hi, u have to add the conditions for the event when the cell is blank, try
this set of conditions:
=and(o7<=0;not(isblank(o7))) Green
=o7>0 Red
=isblank(o7) Blank

I comare the value with 0 in first 2 conditions so not to omit the situation
when value falls between 0 and 1.
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