Condition formats have $ sign problem copying



My 2 cell conditional format works perfect, They are in O6,O7 not merged but
I covered both for the conditionals.

But I can't copy a 4 cell copy and Paste special down the column , I think
because the $ signs are in the conditionals.

I'm not sure why they are there, but I know if I remove the $ sign for the
copy paste special or paste, My conditionals Split colors or remain on color
and Thats not what I want.

What I have works, but I can't copy it.

Formula in O7 is:

Conditional formulas in O6,O7

=AND(O$7<>"",O$7<=0) Green
=AND(O$7<>"",O$7>=1) Red

I wanted cells until data appeared.

All works fine, cept.

I can not copy it down some 800 lines thru O871
I have text every 4th line.

IS there a way to copy this down and have he cell numbers change with it, an
keep the integrity of the Formula and the conditionals?





Perhaps adding a 3rd conditional format, but put it in condition1 so that it
is checked first to see if the cell has text in it.


If the cell has text in it, the conditional colors you set (if any) will
activate, but condtions 2 and 3 won't ever activate on text cells.

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