Hello to all,
I am using WINDOWS XP SP2 and OFFICE XP with SP3 on it. I
am facing the problem while opening the excel file. As i double click the
excel file only Microsoft Excel opens except with data sheets. Excel
background totally plain, there are no rows and columns, no work sheets and
cells. I have reinstalled the OFFICE XP but the problem still exist. How can
I troubleshoot this problem. Please help me to findout solution for that

Also tell me how can I attach error sample with message.



I take it this happens when you double click a file name in Explorer.
However, if you first go into Excel, then click on file open, you do not have
this problem? If true, go into Excel, click on Tools, Options, select the
General Tab, and untick the option Ignore Other Applications.

Exit Excel. Go to Explorer, double click on an Excel file, and see if it

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