Help with VS2008, error in design mode with datagridview and reportviewer



Hello guys, i have a very weird problem, i have a solution in vs2008 (C#)
added forms from other project and i have made the namespace change to
actual project, but when i add a dataset with designer i got the error
"could not find information for ... dataset" i've googled and i've found
this same error in vs2005 and when database has reserved words as field
names or table names, i've created an empty database with a table and one
field and i got the same error =(

other thing is that when this happend, i cant see datagrid properties in
solution explorer, and i cant add a reportviewer control, i got this error:

Failed to create component 'MicrosoftReportViewer', the error message
'System.Xml.XmlException: An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line
2, position 42'

the weird is, if i remove dataset i can see datagridview properties and i
can add reportviewer to my form =s

any idea about what is happening?
i also have reinstalled my vs2008, doesn't works
then i restored my pc (using a disk image) and nothing, all i can tell there
is something in project code, because if i make new project all works ok, as
this is a big project i cant copy paste because i got the same error

how can i trace to get the error source? or any suggestion?

Best Regards


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